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Monday, 18th September 2023
7 min read

I was diagnosed with ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome) in October of 2006. I was one of the lucky few who was diagnosed within six months of the initial symptoms, and it was only because the doctor I saw for a second opinion had personal experience with it when his daughter fell ill with an unknown virus and never fully recovered. It’s assumed that the virus…

Thursday, 7th September 2023
6 min read

Conquer Divide are an all women melodic metalcore (or if you’re a sad old sack of metal elitist, “scenecore”) band. Not to pull the “female vocalist = Hayley Williams” card, but the best way to describe Conquer Divide in a few words as possible is Paramore, but heavy. I first learnt about them when the tracklisting for TEKKNO by Electric Callboy was announced. I was immediately intrigued by…

Monday, 4th September 2023
26 min read

After getting involved with the “old web revival” scene, I’ve spent a lot of time going back and looking at my old websites recently. I’m still impressed by and pretty proud of the layouts and graphics I made back then, but going through the content has been an extremely cringey experience. So of course, to embrace the cringe, I’m going to share some of that content, specifically my about pages, complete with…

Tuesday, 29th August 2023
10 min read

Although it’s reasonable to assume that I am left-leaning when it comes to politics because I am especially passionate about human rights, climate change and the importance of considering others who we share society with, I’m more accurately what is called a “radical centrist”. I know that this means different things to different people, depending on their own political beliefs.

Thursday, 27th July 2023
4 min read

HANABIE. are a Japanese girl band that are kind of hard to describe. They (or their management team) describe themselves as “harajukucore”, which does a pretty good job if you know what those two things mean. I would call them electronicore (a sub-genre of metalcore that uses techno elements eg. Electric Callboy) meets J-pop (Japanese pop, similar to K-pop, which I’m sure at least 85% of the world knows…

Sunday, 23rd July 2023
5 min read

Allow me to start this post by acknowledging that the picture I am about to paint is mostly positive, but I initially planned to write this TWO MONTHS AGO and that’s a great example of how treating ADHD doesn’t magically fix everything! But having those two extra months of insight should technically mean I have more to report on, right?! Although I was diagnosed with combined type ADHD, my symptoms tend to lean more towards…

Tuesday, 16th May 2023
8 min read

Like many people, the pandemic was rough for me. As an immunocompromised person, the sheer lack of shit given about us by the general population was a hard pill to swallow, so naturally, my mental health spiralled (which also had a significant effect on my physical health). I managed to keep my shit mostly together right up until the second New Year’s Eve in which a fireworks ban was in place to reduce pressure on healthcare workers.